Interview #84: Garrett Lockhart

Nanaimo, British Columbia.

q: What cameras/film do you use?
a: I use a Konica C35, a Konica Tomato (from Japan), and Pentax P3 for my film shots. I usually use Kodak Gold 400, but just got turned to Fujifilm from a friend. Thanks Raven.

q: Favorite photographers?
a: Some of my favorite photographers are Scott W. H. Young, Li Hui, and Xixi Cao. They all are amazing artists.

q: Do you like sunflower seeds?
a: Only if they are pizza flavored.

q: Any new music to recommend?
a: I found a really rad experimental/electronic group by the name of Pyrenees. You should check them (or him) out.

his flickr, tumblr and website.

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