Interview #378: Tobias Faisst

Currently based in Berlin, Germany.

q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
a: I grew up in the Black Forest in South-Germany. I’m currently studying communication design in Berlin. Since 2 years devoting myself to the theme of the sculpture and instalation in public space. I work here at the interface sculptur-photography or in other words on the interplay between the two arts. My sculptures are staged fabric which I build from materials found on construction sites and demolition sites. On the other side I am looking at my rambles through the city on situations that seem taken from a museum of modern art and present themselves in a new context.

q: What do you want to show in your photography?
a: In my photography I want to show that art in the conventional sense also works outside a sterile museum environment. The space in which a sculpture appears significantly impact their effective planning and appearing.

With my photography I try also to illustrate that art installation may arise through the eyes of the photographer from a banal street corner. A bit like how art is everywhere and everyone is an artist, it just depends on the perspective of someone. A further aspect of my interested in my sculptural work is the approach to work with only given materials which I meet by chance on the road. So I am not in a position to control what and where I am building a sculpture. Thus, the random situations play a big role for me. In my photography I also want to show that simple objects arranged in a certain style get a completely new significance level. Only with the help of gravity, I can move something banal in the spotlight for a short period. When I say short period I mean of course the transience of my work. My sculptures outlive their appearance only photographically in a two-dimensional medium.

q: What’s your favorite hang out in Berlin?
a: In Berlin, I have no real haunt. The whole city inspires me and I try as often as possible to explore every district. There are still noticeable differences between East and West. For my photographic work I choose ostberlin mostly because there is more to discover. Berlins hang out places are mostly crowded thats why I go ”Lichteberg” or ”Weißensee” to get some freedom.

q: Photographic equipement?
a: I bought a Nikon D60 myself 6 years ago. This is a shitty beginner model. So far I never had money to buy me something better. I’m not really interested in the technical side of photography. My work suffers by the fact, of course, and the technical quality of my images can therefore also be improved.

But on the other hand it shows that you don’t need a huge expensive camera if you got the right eye and some ideas. However, the first on my wish list would probably be a proper camera.

q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: By the end of the year I would like to summarize my photographic year in a book. If I’m lucky I’ll find a publisher too. For the winter I have a project which deals with kitsch, disguise and sculpture brought together into a situation.

I need the dull weather and the bare fauna. Maybe I use for the first time a middle format camera and work with assistants and ladders.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: I love Team Supreme including Mr. Carmack and Tk Kayembe.

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