Interview #339: Charlotte Strange

imagePortland, USA.

q: Introduce yourself:
a: My name is Charlotte Strange, I’m a teen (and student) currently living in Portland, OR with a horrible film addiction… I just picked up photography within the past year or two, but it’s quickly become something that’s a huge part of my life. My favorite books are the Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and Girl by Blake Nelson and if I could I would probably bedazzle everything.

q: What does photography mean to you?
a: I got into photography really quickly and just kind of jumped in feet first with the whole thing. Being able to capture things I find beautiful means the world to me - it’s a way of expressing my view of the things happening around me and, in a way, to romanticize it all. In taking pictures, I can create my own world that maybe is based in reality and maybe isn’t, if that makes sense…it opens up all kinds of possiblities.


q: What’s up with the bedazzled pictures?
a: Well, when I was really little I went through this phase where I hated everything pink and i cut my hair short and yadda yadda yadda…I’m not super-feminine now, but I definitely turned around after the hating of girly things was over and now I’m a huge fan of little touches of pretty things. It’s a ton of fun putting the jewels and stickers on everything, and with a lot of the pictures I choose to decorate, it turns them into more of a keepsake and extends a lot of the nostalgic feelings I might have associated with the photos themselves/the memories they remind me of.

q: Photographic equipment?
a: I’ve got a lot of cameras i’ve collected over time that I use on different occasions, but mostly I just stick with my 35mm SLE “Canon EF” (camera, not the lens…they do make lenses by the same name) and I’ll pull out my Fuji polaroid remake every once in a while, too.


q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: I don’t have anything planned, but I’m definitely going to get going on some new stuff soon! I really want to do something witchy - I recently acquired some new bedazzle stickers and some super cool pink/purple/star-covered fabric that would be really fun to do something with.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: There is so much! But definitely lately I’ve been obsessed with the band “Girls”, and then also the bands Hospitality, Little Joy and Neutral Milk Hotel are always amazing.

imageflickr and tumblr.

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