Interview #337: Amanda Jasnowski

imageNew York City, USA.

q: Introduce yourself:
a: Currently I work as a freelance photographer here in New York, but often travel out west for work as well. I was born in Spain, then later moved to the Midwest where I spent a majority of my life and just four months ago moved to New York City!

q: What got you started with photography?
a: I think maybe just a simple intrigue, it seemed like fun. In high school I began shooting with friends, shooting more often, quickly realizing that I could create beautiful images and have a lot of fun at the same time. My last two years of high school I did an in-depth two year program focusing on photography. Since the beginning it’s only grown to feel more and more normal and natural, like a true extension.


q: Which is more important to you in a photograph: aesthetics or content?
a: Although both play a large role in the photograph I’d have to say personally I believe the aesthetic is. Mostly because I believe whatever the content, your aesthetics will still translate into the content itself.

q: Photographic equipement?
a: Canon 5D Mark II, Contax T2, Olympus Stylus Epic, iPhone, Pentax K1000, Polaroid SX-70.

q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: Currently I’m finishing up editing four collaborations with Jimmy Marble. A goal I made for myself for 2013 is to collaborate more. I am going to begin shooting with agency models which is a new area for me. I also am in the beginning stages of setting up my first personal studio in my new apartment in Brooklyn! Expect many experiments and projects to come from that. I have a few zine ideas in mind, and maybe even a photo-book! I’d also like to begin selling instagram prints to save up for a nice medium format camera, my shop opening will most likely be announced via my tumblr/facebook page.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: Right now I’m really digging:
Beat Happening, Curtis Mayfield, The Walkmen, Animal Collective, Andre Herman Dune, Frozy, Broken Social Scene.

imageflickr and website.

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