Interview #336: David Nemcsik

imageBudapest, Hungary.

q: Introduce yourself:
a: My name is David Nemcsik. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Hungary. Currently I live in Budapest. I study photography at university and this is my second year. I take photos since 2006. Usually I photograph extreme sports. I’m working together with a hungarian skate and bmx shop called Harlee-shop. I prefer analog photography. I like experimental photography.

q: What was the creative process like for your “Levitation Project”? Did it involve any post-editing?
a: I shot 2 images and then Photoshop solved how people can levitate. I’d like to say a thank you for everyone who helped me.


q: I like how you combine sight and sound in your “Post-sychonization/ Audiovidsual Diary”. What was the concept and motivation behind it? Why go through the trouble of re-creating all the street sounds?
a: I really don’t want to take photos in New York and go home and that’s it. It’s too simple and I don’t always like simple things. I’d like to make a diary. The project is about to recreate the sounds of the streets. It’s kind of mixing audio stuffs and visual stuffs. I’m really into projects like this. I’d like to figure out how can I pair sounds and photographs. I like to experiment. I took film photographs. After I developed them and after the scanning I recorded sounds at Budapest, Hungary for the photos. I recreated the sounds of New York in Budapest. I think its interesting to see a photo of New York and hear the sounds of Budapest at the same time. This is just my diary from the big apple.


q: Photographic equipement?
a: I work with too many cameras. I can list a few of them if you’d like. I’ve got: Nikon D50, Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 fisheye, Carl Zeiss 35mm f2.4, a tilt shift lens, Nikon F50, Smena Symbol, Kiev 60, Praktica Bc-1, Zenit 12xp, 35mm point and shoot toy camera, lot of flashes, etc… but what I use is always depends on the subject.

q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: Right now I’m really busy. I’m working on experimental extreme sport photos for Harlee-shop. I’ve got another 4-5 photo series in progress. Also I’m working on projects for 4 magazines all around the world. You can see them later. The most important project right now is an experimental portait series. I hope I can finish it soon and you’ll be able to see the results.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: When I’m in Budapest, Hungary I live with this guy so he’s my roommate:
He is a really great producer and he is inspiring to me as well. I love his music so if you wanna hear something new and different from others just press play on his tracks.


his flickr and website.

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