Interview #335: Eduardo García Fernández


q: Introduce yourself:
a: My name is Eduardo García Fernández, but everybody calls me Edu. I was born and raised in Gijón, a beautiful city in the North of Spain. I just finished my Civil Engineering studies and after 7 years living to Madrid I’m planning to move to U.S. and enter a MBA program. While applying to schools, I’m working as a business developer intern and defining new concepts for the brand I created with my brother, frescosfam, among other personal projects.

I do really like sports, especially board and team sports and thanks to our father, my bro and I got this insane custom motorcycling passion.

q: Do you think your education in Civil Engineering has influenced your photography?
a: Yes, I do think it was a huge influence, but not necessarily influenced the aesthetics, the subject or the format of my photography. Of course, I got somehow an engineer vision of spaces and forms but it was more like a way out of my studies daily routine. You know, here in Spain engineering curriculums are really strict and rigid and there’s no room for creativity beyond choosing the way you are solving an exam problem till you get to your last year and start your final project. Many creative people in these kind of degrees get trapped by this and suffered and stressed themselves a lot, but for me photography was the thing. It was like a completely separated activity in which the experiences of creating and expressing were implicit since the beginning. That need of going out and photograph people, landscapes…everything, I think it was the biggest influence.


q: You’ve shot quite a lot of fashion and portraiture. Is there anything that you usually tell the model or subject when you are photographing them?
a: I’m glad you asked cause a lot of people asked me about this lately. The truth is that I never follow any predetermined script. When snapping friends I don´t really need to tell them nothing special apart of “stay there!” or “wait!” haha cause the pictures come naturally in those regular friendship situations. However, when shooting models it works different but not too different cause everything is a matter of trust and confidence. If you are cool with your models (friends or not) and don’t betray that relationship you are building with them, you´ll get the pictures you want. On the other hand, in order to keep that trust you’ll sometimes need to refuse to show some pictures they don’t feel comfortable with. I think it worth because you are not only gaining photographically but also making new great and interesting friends what for me, is more important than cool picture.


q: Photographic equipement?
a: Film: Yashica MG1, Nikon F70, Canon AE1, Kodak VR35, Polaroid Impulse and some toys…all are quite old and belonged to my father.

Digital: Canon EOS 7D

I got different lenses for Canon and Nikon and a couple of body flashes too.

q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: I started the project “Guys ride bikes” some time ago and hope I could end it one day. I also would like to find someone to look through my files and find new material worth a publication through the tons of photos that I have not even looked after shooting.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: Jimmy Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Black Keys, Doors, D´Angelo, Erykah Badu, UGK, Biggie Smalls, Jah Cure, Toots and The Maytals, Coltrane, Al Green, Monk, Otis, Pete Rock, Dilla, Brown …a lot!!!!!


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