Interview #317: Sarah Eisenlohr

United States.

q: What is your creative process like when creating your collages?
a: I actually didn’t begin collaging until a year after I picked up the interest. I feel like I’m more thought processed and deliberate about what I make, than experimental and quick, so I didn’t know where to begin unless I had a purpose in what I was creating. I’m going to school right now and last semester I took this course called Mappings that was a combination of art and maps. For my final project I wanted to give collage a try so I began my first series involving humans and how they can affect the appearance of a map. My last collage that I recently finished was the first that didn’t have to do with that series, so it’s been ongoing.

q: Collage is often about reappropriation and recontextualization. What do you want to communicate through your works?
a: My collages are made by taking existing landscapes in magazines and then transforming them into ones that show the result of human impact. Some are subtle, while others are more blunt and exaggerated. My point is to show how we have the potential to explore and experience beautiful landscapes around us but also that we have the power to change them, sometimes to the point of irreversibility. I want to communicate the importance of preserving what resources we have left and I think that happens on an individual level. When we each contribute with small things, they can add up, like by recycling or riding a bike for transportation.

q: Seen any good films lately?
a: Yes! I’m going to school right now, so I don’t watch them often but I have seen a few lately that have become my favorites.

One Day is really great. I think a few small things drew me to it. I like the element of time it uses and how it changes appearances and interests of people and allows experiences to happen. I also liked that the female character reads, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I’ve been trying to read that book for a few years now after it was lent to me. And in a scene in the movie I like that they included a music track that I grew up to, “Sowing the Seeds of Love” from Tears for Fears.

The Vow was also a fun movie since the main character is an art student and also has her own studio, which would be awesome to have.

Mona Lisa Smile is a girl movie like the other two but I liked the art aspect and also that it was about encouraging independence and exploring life.

q: Favorite snack?
a: Hmm.. that’s difficult. But I guess if you know me, then you know that I eat bagel sandwhiches a lot = bagel+egg+sweet mesquite spice+cheese+spinach+turkey bacon.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: Arcade Fire’s album “Funeral” will always have my heart. A few weeks ago my roommate showed me The Oh Hellos. You might like them if you like folk rock. Most of the tracks are mellow in the beginning but eventually pick up, check out “Wishing Well.” And lately I haven’t been able to stop listening to Seamonster’s track “Crystal Tear”, check it out also.

her flickr and tumblr.

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