Interview #310: Greta Tuckute

18 year old currently based in Aalborg, Denmark.

q: What do you like or not like about photography?
a: First of all, I love photography because it makes me happy. Second, photography has been a creative way of expressing myself – actually the only creative media I enjoy, since I can’t paint, draw, sew, sing, play an instrument or anything like that. In that way it has given me the fulfillment of creating a final product. Moreover I like photography because of the fantastic opportunities linked to it. I can definitely thank photography for meeting fascinating people and experiencing adventures.

Sometimes I tend to think photography becomes a bit indifferent. It is mostly when it becomes a monotonous routine - jobs, I am not really into. I may become a little apathetic and not enjoy shooting. That is exactly the reason why I have to remember to prioritize personal projects that remind me of why I love photography!

q: Any advice for other aspiring photographers?
a: I think it is extremely important to learn working with proper editing programs. A good edit is a big contributing factor in a professional image. Luckily there are a number of videos and guides out there, so there are no excuses! Also, it is simply important to get your work out on the social medias and online galleries! It really encourages you and gets you going.

q: Where’s your favorite place to hang out in your city?
a: I think I have to say the tennis courts! I love playing tennis and play throughout the year. In the summertime my favourite place is a lake near my home. In the summer months I went swimming there every single morning. It felt like my own secret place far away from everything else.

q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: Right now I just want to improve and develop myself personally and as an artist. My greatest wish for a project in the near future is travelling Europe by train with a backpack containing my camera. Travelling and documenting without any plans or responsibilities. See what the world has to offer and where it might take me.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: I have been listening a lot to The XX and Feist lately. Winter music. Also, Al Green is often played on my stereo!

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