Interview #39: Jessica Tremp

Australia, Melbourne.

q: Images are a powerful from of communication, how do you go about doing that in your works?
a: I think the beauty of most forms of art, be it music, writing,
painting or photography is that it has the power to grab hold of
something inside peoples stomachs, twist it and make them feel like
they are understood and not alone. the way to achieve this beautiful
connection is through honesty and I do feel I am genuine when I create

q: Do you prefer strawberries or bananas?
a: Surfing on banana peels

q: Sunrise or sunset?
a: I seem to miss the sunrise most mornings, so for the sake of ‘the
grass is greener’, I’d have to go with that.

q: Who’s your all time favorite musician/band?
a: Can I only pick one? that’s criminal.
Karen Dalton for when I’m feeling romantic
The Brian Jonestown Massacre very load on a roadtrip or after a few
whiskeys much too late in the night
Syd Barrett and Skip Spence when I’m feeling clever and plotting plans
The Kinks on jumpy itchy vinyl with friends around
My husbands band Gruntbucket to feel very proud
Jason Molina to soothe a touchy heart
And Billie Holiday understands every mood I’m in.

her website and blog.

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