Interview #403: Danny Lane

Danny Lane “creates raw and honest photographs that beautifully capture the personality and emotion of his subjects.” Based in New York City, USA.

Give a short introduction about yourself:
I’m a 29 year old analog photographer born and raised in New York. I’m also an actor and musician. I like to golf and go bowling and watch movies. I’m tall and skinny.

How’s the weather over there?
Currently, it’s beautiful in New York. We deserve it. It wasn’t so awesome leading up to this summer.

I like your photographs of musicians. How’d you get to photograph them? Who was the most fun to shoot?
Whether it is a musician or a model or a baby…it is always the same. I either write and say “I’d love to shoot with ya” or I get an email that says “we’d love to shoot with ya.” I don’t know who was the most fun to shoot. I really liked shooting with Tei Shi because it was very similar to the way I shoot with models. We just hung out in her apartment. She was super cute, our conversation was fluid, the place was great, etc.

What’s trending?
Hmmm nudity? Pizza? I’ll tell you what I can’t wait until it’s not trending anymore..and it’s all these black leather hats and plain mesh sports shirts. Like I really don’t like menswear at the moment. It’s so boring. Personally, I love floral. That’s trending for me bigtime at the moment.

Photography equipment?
Always vintage 35mm cameras. Natural light. I have been using two cameras almost exclusively. A Miranda G and a Yashica T4.

Upcoming projects or ideas?
Yeaaaa I want to shoot for a publication with Foot Locker employees. Nobody is biting on that. And I am working on a collection of portraits for a small 30-something page pamphlet that I can’t afford to usual. Oh! and instead of a nude beach..I want to shoot a collection called Nude Lake. I am represented (as of very recently) by an agency called Format 34..I am hoping lots of cool projects and assignment come from that!

Any new music to recommend?
My favorite new music is probably this guy Sean Nicholas Savage. I’ve listened to his two newest records Other Life and Bermuda Waterfall like 100 times each. My band Sofa Club is also really cool..for real. I’m not just saying that.

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Interview #402: Giulia Bersani

21 year old photographer based in Milan, Italy.

Give a short introduction about yourself:
It is a particular moment in my life because I just decided to leave the university for photography so firstly I will invest all my energies in my personal projects; I have to believe in each one of them completely. And if it doesn’t work I’ll have to invent something new. It is a beautiful moment because I have all the freedom I could dream about (and a lot of responsibilities too) and every success is really really satisfying.

I feel like your photography has feminine and intimate feel to it. Do you feel it is harder to portray masculinity in images?
Yes, of course. I know really well feminine world, experiences and gestures since I’m a girl. I can interpretate easily a feminine subject. With a man it’s different, I feel not able to imagine how he feels or what he could do so it’s harder to interpretate him (even if I’d love to learn soon or later). Until this moment I just took photos to my lovers; they are boys but you can see that the point of view of the photo is mine. In those few photos those men are the object, not the subject.

Which is your least favorite meal: breakfast/lunch/dinner?
The least favorite? I think it’s lunch. I love breakfast because I love sweet tastes and the morning moment. I love dinner because my parents cook really well and I eat with them and with my sister. At lunch I’m always alone and often in a hurry (and I’m not able to cook at all).

Photography equipment?
Canon AE-1, 28mm Canon lens, 50mm Canon lens, cheap films and nothing else.

Any upcoming projects or ideas?
Right now I’m working on a self-portrait project, I’m continuing my project about lovers and I’ll start soon a new project where I go to live in different people’s houses and I take photos (with my own point of view) to their lives. If there is any interested reader he can write me at

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3:10 is an art zine based in Singapore. Issue three features images from photographers Anna Morosini, Dash Kadam and Lee Chang Ming.

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400 interviews!

Never thought I’d feature over 400 amazing talents from all over the world. That’s thousands of emails back and forth and hours of formatting/editing. Pretty crazy now that I think about it, but definitely worth it. If I wasn’t constantly inspired by all the work I get, I would have stopped long time ago. On a side note, I’ve finally got down to getting our own domain name!

Have fun,
Lee Chang Ming

Interview #401: Mark Harless

Based in Madison, USA, Mark Harless creates evocative and conceptual images. Specializing in fine art and fashion photography, his pictures are at once intimate and enchanting.

q: What got you started in photography?
a: Mark Harless: I just got out of a long relationship and needed to fill my time with something new. I’ve always been infatuated with photography but just never made that leap to buy a camera and go out to take pictures.

q: Your series “Fertilizer" shows people in plastic bags, what’s the concept behind it?
a: Honestly, most of my photos don’t have a deeper meaning that what you see. They’re very shallow and paper thin. I feel like most artists base their works off of a concept and build around it. I’ll think of something visually appealing, take the picture then find meaning in it after. So for “Fertilizer” I’m thinking that putting dead people in bags is pretty interesting, so I do it. It’s not until I’m finding a title for the series that I come up with the meaning. That death isn’t just the end. It’s not the beginning either. It’s just part of the life cycle. Show me the beginning and end of a circle. After we die our bodies will decompose and the plants and animals will feed off of us in the same fashion a bag of fertilizer would.

q: Do you like seafood? What’s your favorite kind?
a: I was raised on an itty bitty island in the Pacific where everyone knew each other. So, naturally, I love seafood. I have an affinity for ahi and unagi the most, though.

q: What do you like or not like about photography as a medium?
a: Photography has allowed me to become the artist I never was. I can make one hell of a stick figure but anything more than that is sad and makes everyone around me really sad.

q: Photographic equipment?
a: I use a Nikon D600, 50mm 1.8, 24-70mm 2.8 and a disposable camera.

q: Any new music to recommend?
a: New to me:
The Wheel - SOHN
Brain - Banks
Drop the Game - Flume
Purple Yellow Red and Blue - Portugal. The Man

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