"Thanks But No Thanks" is 36 pages of black and white photography by Australia-based photographer Luke Van Aurich. Self-published in 2014, the zine features spontaneous moments of life in the urban sprawl and country side in South East Australia.

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Interview #407: Jaejin Hwang

Spontaneous snapshots from the everyday life of Engineering student Jaejin Hwang. Seems to have a thing for cats.

q: Give a short introduction of yourself:
a: I am Jaejin Hwang from South Korea, but currently reside in Ohio, US. I am a grad student in Engineering, and a freelance photographer.

q: Your images are candid and have a natural feel to them. Do you see photography as a form of self-expression? What do you want to show with your pictures?
a: I believe that invisible things are surrounding us, and if we capture natural moments, we might magnify this. Even though I am taking candid shots, most of my works are a from of documentary photos. I like to let people imagine or make a story from my candid shots, so sometimes, I used a metaphor to help this.

q: Does your education in Engineering influence your creative process?
a: I am not sure exactly how it influences my art works, but I expect that there might be some synergy effects going on.

q: Is there anything you miss about South Korea?
a: Family, food, friends, I think almost everything.

q: Photographic equipment?
a: I like to use an auto-film camera because it is easy to carry and good at taking snapshots.

q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: I am still working on my current project, Asleep. Besides that, I am waiting for a new idea.

q: Any new music to recommend?
a: I like to listen to old music, so I guess I am little bit behind of new music. These days, I am into the album, Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles. It gives me a good surreal feelings, and hopefully it would influence my work too.


Interview #406: Alishia Farnan

Photographer Alishia Farnan’s careful eye for colour and composition transforms everyday situations into something more.

q: Give a short introduction of yourself:
a: I’m a 22 year old Scottish photographer. I currently study Fine Art Photography at The Glasgow School of Art. My favourite vegetable is the Sweet Potato.

q: What do you want to show in your images and why?
a: I really enjoy making work around the incidental moments that happen when I’m going about every day errands. I want to see if the mundane things around me can be elevated and turned into something interesting.

q: Which is more important to you in photography: content or aesthetics?
a: As a photographer I’m constantly conscious of aesthetics but I guess you can’t have an image without content – the content informs the aesthetics. So I would say content and aesthetics are parallel for me.

q: Can you play any musical intruments?
a: I wish. I tried to learn Violin when I was a kid and it was a horrible time for everyone involved.

q: Photographic equipement?
a: I have a Canon 5d MK II and a few prime lenses but right now I shoot everything on my phone, which is just a Samsung Galaxy S2.

q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: I’ve been working on a project for the past couple of months called ‘In Sickness & No Wealth’. I’m hoping to release it as a series of books this Summer, which is something I’m pretty excited about!

q: Any new music to recommend?
a: I’m the worlds’ worst at keeping up to date with new music; I listen to the same bands all the time. Ones that come to mind are: Talking Heads, Donna Summer, Hole and Prince.

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Henning Kirkeby's self-published photozine “2009-2013” is 85 pages of images taken from the past 5 years of living in Sydney, Paris and Berlin. Henning Kirkeby's (perviously interviewed here) style of personal documentary offers an intimate insight into his circle of friends and scenes from everyday life.

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Interview #405: Nathan Pearce

Nathan Pearce’s images deal with issues of home, identity and the tension between rural and urban life through intimate portraiture and snapshots from his person life.

q: Give a short introduction of yourself:
a: I am a photographer based in southern Illinois (US) . I also work in an auto-body repair shop. I have recently released a photobook called Midwest Dirt as well as a few zines.

q: Midwest Dirt deals with issues of identity and tension between rural and urban life. Through juxtaposing images and ideas, how did you want to portray experience?
a: Midwest Dirt was made after returning to the rural Midwest after living away from it for several years in an urban setting. I think the photos of Midwest life included in the project will be very interesting to the many people who have never lived in a rural setting. I think the appeal of the project goes beyond that though. Even though the setting of the pictures will appear strange and interesting to some the experience of leaving home or even returning home in ones early adulthood will be identifiable to almost everyone.

q: What do you like or not like most about living in the country?
a: It is very peaceful here and I love that. I do miss several things that the city has to offer but the country is my home.

q: Do you feel the people and pace of life are different in rural and urban spaces?
a: They are incredibly different. Life is slower here and I think that is evident in my work.

q: Photographic equipement?
a: I use a variety of small cameras. Some film and some digital. I rarely have more than one camera with me.

q: Upcoming projects or ideas?
a: I am working on a few new projects. I have been working on a printing project with fellow photographer Claire Cushing called Same Coin Press. We print and put out photobooks and zines. I have a few photo zine projects that we are going to release this year.

q: Any new music to recommend?
a: I have been listening to a lot of old country and bluegrass records lately so I haven’t really kept up with much new music. If anyone wants to tell me about some new music please let me know! nathanpearcephoto@gmail.com

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